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Why Your Website Needs Web Stories

Ishwari Pamu Jul 8, 2020
Web Stories, an initiative by Google, is its response to the latest and the booming Stories trend. These Stories are full-screen, tap-through, fast-loading and immersive experiences that make information consumption super simple.


With the spike in the usage of smartphones, the dependence on mobile phones to access the internet has substantially increased. With that being said, mobile phones accounted for more than 50% of all internet traffic in the recent years.
This inspired Web Stories(previously known as AMP Stories), which was designed to make content mobile-focused so that it can be easily viewed on small screens and offer a seamless browsing experience.


Page loading speed has a direct impact on your website’s conversion rate. Longer loading time means lesser conversion rate and increased bounce rate.
Web Stories is a one-stop solution as they are fast-loading and will decrease the wait time. Users will be able to get to your content quicker than the traditional website’s content. It makes users to stay on your web page longer than a regular web page.

Boosts User Engagement

Being an intuitive interface, the main motive of Web Stories is to boost user engagement through its fast loading pages and mobile-focused nature. Its visually versatile content format is specifically designed for the same. These Stories are shareable across multiple social media platforms.

Boosts Traffic

Google has started indexing websites with fast-loading pages over traditional websites with long-form articles or blogs. Web Stories being mobile-focused, quick-loading and easy to navigate through, increase the overall performance of the website which contributes in captivating the readers’ attention thereby increasing traffic.

Snackable Content

Let’s face it, reading verbose articles is boring. Web Stories format lets you present your content in bite-sized chunks which makes reading easier and allows you to reach your audience effectively.
With enhanced visuals, these Stories impart a sleeker, more functional look to your website, giving you an opportunity to engage and hold your readers’ attention. This ensures better and improved user experience.
If you still haven’t incorporated Web Stories on your website, it’s time you seized the advantages it offers and gain advantage over your competitors in order to generate more leads.
You can create your own Web Stories on Visual Stories, a platform that provides you with all the necessary tools for the same. The Web Story Builder lets you create Web Stories that are fast-loading, visually-dynamic and riveting, without disturbing your online presence.