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Steve Jobs' Childhood

Manali Oak
Most of us know Steve Jobs as the man behind Apple Computers. But not all of us know about the early years of his life. To know about Steve Jobs' childhood, read on.
Steve Jobs, the co-founder, Chairman, and former chief executive officer of Apple Inc, was an efficient and powerful business leader and one of the most prominent figures in the technology industry. For an overview of the founding years of his life, let us see how the childhood of Steve Jobs was.

Birth and Adoption

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, to Joanne Carole Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali, who was a professor of political science. His mother was an American while his father was from Syria. A week after Steve's birth, he was put up for adoption. Justin and Clara Jobs, residing in Mountain View, Santa Clara County in California, adopted Steve and named him Steven Paul.

Jobs' Childhood Home

His childhood home is on the Los Altos street. It is a 3-bedroom 2-bath house built in 1952. That was where Jobs stayed during his childhood years. It was also where Apple was born. Jobs spent his childhood in the South Bay area. His childhood house is a tourist attraction. The area where he lived, later came to be known as the Silicon Valley.

Schooling Years of Jobs

He was a student of the Cupertino Junior High School and then Homestead High School in Cupertino, California. Here, he attended his first electronics class and made friends with Bill Fernandez, who was equally passionate about electronics.
During his early years of education, Jobs attended after-school lectures at the Hewlett-Packard Company in Paulo Alto. The company hired him and there he got an opportunity to work with Steve Wozniak, who would later co-found Apple Computers with him.

Jobs' Calligraphy Classes

After completing schooling, Steve was admitted to the Reed College in Portland, Oregon. He dropped out from college but continued with his calligraphy classes. This course would later help Jobs in creating multiple typefaces for Mac.
This was perhaps a classic example of the fact that nothing learned is ever wasted! During the years he was learning calligraphy, no one would have probably thought that calligraphy would form the basis of the font system in Mac. But it did.
Jobs had a dream to make it big; he had an ambition to redefine technology and the way people used it. He believed in his dreams and made them come true.
A look at Steve Jobs' childhood years tells us of the kind of person he was. They say, winners don't do different things; they do things differently. And Steve Jobs lived by this. He died on October 5, 2011. He will continue to stay in the minds of his admirers.