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Service Cloud And Its Importance In The Customer Service Segment

Know how you can avoid a bad customer experience. And what more you could get from #SalesforceServiceCloud for extraordinary customer services.
Service Cloud is a customer service and support app by Salesforce. It benefits your customer services in many ways.
It gives your customers wise communication choices, comfort to your support team to work on multiple channels, and an easy to use desk called console for a unique support process.
Highlighted points from Service Cloud’s work-
The console is integrated with multiple channels to deal with issues with a single desk.
1) Service Console
Tracks and describes a customer issue, complaint, request. Other than this, it also includes all information such as account, contact, product, and history data.
2) Case Management
The support agent can quickly track from useful information and engage with customers on their favorite channels.
3) Channel & Digital Engagement
Business Areas Benefited from Customer Segmentation
It can be segmented to identify the effect of customer segmentation.
1) Marketing
Rather than sending a massive & impersonal email to all customers, you can send targeted messages to appeal to each segment.
2) Targeting
The customer segment helps you to set a further trend and target the right one with the right product.
3) Forecasting
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William Iven, Tim van der Kuip, John Schnobrich, Chris Liverani, Patrick Amoy, You X Ventures