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Safari Browser Themes

Rahul Thadani Aug 20, 2020
Safari is one of the best browsers as of today, and installing themes on this browser makes it look even more aesthetic and spiced-up. This story enlists some interesting Safari browser themes.
If you are looking for some good Safari themes and add-ons, there are plenty of great sources from where you can find something of your choice. Safari is a web browser created by Apple Inc., and it is popularly known as the web browser on Macbooks and on the Apple iPhone, the Apple iPad, and the Apple iPod Touch as well.
This browser is the default browser with the Mac OS X operating system and the iOS, in a similar way that Internet Explorer is the default browser that comes attached with Microsoft Windows.

An Introduction

  • Safari was released in January 2003, and it has been a part of all Apple products that can surf the internet since then.
  • A web browser is merely a gateway to the World Wide Web (WWW), and it allows you to see the web pages that you are visiting, in a certain way.
  • At present, Mozilla Firefox tops the list of best browsers, followed by Google Chrome and Opera, while Safari finds itself at the fourth place.
  • Launched especially for the notebook and similar products, this browser is very fast, efficient, and has strong built-in features.

Browser Themes

  • When we speak of themes for a browser, it refers to the manner in which you graphically interact with the browser.
  • Themes can change the entire appearance and usability of a browser, and this is exactly what these themes achieve.
  • Unlike wallpapers and screensavers that you can download for your device, themes affect the entire operating system.
  • Web browser themes also change the manner in which various buttons appear and various functions operate. There are absolutely no limitations on the number of themes you can download and install on your machine, as long as the supporting computer operating system is installed on the device.
  • For instance, you cannot think of using these themes on an Android based phone instead of the iPhone, because the functions and buttons are completely different from one another.
  • Developers have created Safari themes for Windows, ever since the Safari web browser became available for people to use on the Windows-based machines.
  • People using Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 can also download and install Safari on their machines now, and thus make use of various Safari add-ons and themes.
  • Sadly, it is not possible to simply download these themes off the Internet. You will need to download either SafariStand or SafariMasks for this purpose, and use any of the pre-installed themes that come along with these programs.

Safari Browser Themes

Comic Strips
  • Using comic characters is one of most-loved Safari themes.
  • You might find comic strips of Frazz, puppies, Fuzzy, Smurf Garden, etc.
Sports Teams
  • Various themes related to sports are available on SafariStand and SafariMasks for sports enthusiasts.
  • You'll find Texas Rangers, New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, etc.
  • There are a myriad of themes related to entertainment.
  • In fact, one of the most famous browser themes, 'Neon Lights', is available with Safari.
  • Themes related to holidays and festivals are a delight with most of the Safari users, irrespective of the age.
  • There are plenty of attractive, subtle, bold themes related to Christmas, Halloween, etc., available, that might spice up the look of your browser.
Installing The Themes
  • As mentioned before, these themes are not downloadable, and it is difficult to install them on your PC. They are available with the plug-ins mentioned above - SafariStand and SafariMasks.
  • To begin with, you have to download and install both these software on your PC (they are free).
  • You have to download the add-on as per the browser version, i.e., there are different software for every version, as per the compatibility. This includes Safari 8.0, Safari 6.0.5, Safari 5.1.9, etc.
  • After installing SafariStand, it appears on the menu bar of your Safari browser.
  • Select the option called 'Stand', then select SafariStand Settings'.
  • You will see a sidebar menu. Select the option, 'General'.
  • You will then see a number of themes in the drop-down menu listed. You can choose the themes you want.
  • You will find many other useful options, like light settings, mouse positioning, etc.
  • You can change the themes whenever you want. You do not have to install the software again, though perhaps, you might have to update it periodically.
  • Similar to the above method, first, download and install SafariMasks on your machine. After installation, the software get launched automatically.
  • Locate the 'Themes' drop-down menu, and then select a theme of your choice from the list.
  • Select 'Install'. Your theme is now ready for use.
Both the above applications will help you to change the overall appearance of the browser and the various buttons on it. Its functionality may change as per the theme, but you can adjust pretty quickly. Moreover, Safari itself excellent features, like a longer battery life and great performance.