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Learn How to Type Faster

Stephen Rampur Aug 10, 2020
While it is certainly true that practice is the key for learning how to type faster, there are also certain useful tips and tricks that you can employ to master this skill. Here is some information on the steps to be taken if you want to learn how to type faster.
Typing is one of the most important skills required, especially by professionals in the fields of report writing, resume writing, article writing, creative writing, and book writing. However, they aren't the only ones. 
With the increasing use of computers in most professions, email and instant messaging having become crucial forms of communications, learning how to type quickly and accurately has become important for everyone.
Typing fast is usually considered a difficult task, but if you follow the correct guidelines, techniques, and resources, you can achieve a good typing speed while maintaining the required accuracy. The best part about learning this skill is that, with enough practice, one can attain proficiency in a very short time duration.
Notably, there are many individuals who can type much faster than they can write, and others that can type their thoughts almost as quickly as they actually think.
Here, we present a few useful tips that can help you attain an impressive typing speed, and thereby improve your efficiency, both, at your home and at your workplace.

Tips to Help You Type Faster

Location of Fingers and Hands

The significance of correct fingers and hand placement is not to be underestimated. You should place your hands on the keyboard in a comfortable way. All fingers of both the hands barring the thumbs, should be positioned on the second or home row, which contains the A S D F G H J K L letters. The thumbs need to be set on the space bar.
Observe that the 'F' and 'J' keyboard buttons have grooves on them. You are required to set the index finger of your left hand on the 'F' button, and the index finger of your right hand on the 'J' button. 
The remaining fingers of both hands are to be positioned on the buttons which are right next to the 'F' and 'J' buttons. This is the standard home position of your hands and fingers on the keyboard.

Concentration and Keyboard Layout

For typing faster, you need to concentrate and get a hold of the layout of the keyboard. Also try saying the alphabets aloud, when you type them. This will help you in memorizing the keys without any difficulty.
If you are a novice in typing, you should not directly choose to type fast. You have to start off at a very slow pace, and then advance to faster speeds. For getting acquainted to the keyboard layout and memorizing the keys, it is recommended to look at the screen rather than concentrating on the keyboard itself. 
A majority of keyboards have the same key layout, so once you are familiar with a particular keyboard, you will be able to type on any other.

Typing Practice

You need to remember that without regular practice, you won't be able to learn how to type fast. There are many people who do not follow standard typing layout and positions, but still are able to type pretty rapidly. This is due to regular practice with the particular finger positioning and placement that they are comfortable with.
If you want to master typing, you need to practice a lot. You should make it a daily routine to type at least one page in the word processor or any text application on your computer. 
You may also use a good typing practice software, with which you may increase your typing speed. Such software usually incorporate simple and logical PC games, to prevent you from getting bored while practicing.
There are some people who, due to their job responsibilities, naturally and unintentionally learn how to type faster. Such people may be professionals from various fields such as medical transcription, back-office and data entry, content writing, or documentation. 
Most of them do it without adhering to any rules or following any tips methods. The key behind their typing proficiency is daily practice.
Hence, the best approach towards significantly boosting your typing speed quickly is to begin by applying these mentioned rules, and then practicing regularly till you master the skill.