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How to Write Persuasive Content for Hurried Readers in 2020

Pragya Singh Jul 9, 2020
Creating scannable content through persuasive writing methods is important to get a wider audience and enhanced user engagement on your website.

Have Impactful Content

It is imperative to present content to your readers in an impactful manner. Your content must be short, crisp, simple, informative and relevant. This makes it easy for the readers to consume the information provided. Unnecessary content should be avoided.

Give Catchy Title

An effective title helps readers decide whether or not they wish to read further. So, have a title which is specific to the context, informative, and easy to understand. Sub-headings, if any, should describe the key points briefly. Relevant keywords help readers get to the content easily.

Keep Passages Short

To increase user engagement, your content should have short paragraphs, bullets and highlighted words. Short paragraphs help readers to skim through, as there is less information to filter. Readers pay more attention to short passages than long ones. Bullets and highlights specify the important points and beautify your content.

Give Interactive Content

Content marketing gets web traffic, encourages conversions, and educates users about your brand, product or service. With the huge amount of content being created each day, marketers need innovative ways to prove their worth. Giving interactive content captures user attention and encourages readers to take action.

Make The Content Visual

Providing bite-sized information with supporting images, graphics and videos, enhances user engagement. Vibrant, self explanatory visuals, relevant to the subject make the content easily perceivable. Visually appealing content grabs more attention than traditional, plain text content.

Use Unique Format

To provide persuasive content, Web Stories format proves to be a great medium. Using Web Stories format, you can create visually rich and engaging Stories, that are tap-through and load with lightning speed. This will definitely increase the worth of your website.
The Web Story Builder by Visual Stories, lets you create content in a storytelling format, for your website without any hassle. Hence, your website is sure to get a wider reader base and eventually more traffic and higher ranking.
Give the best content to your readers. The content should be inviting enough, so that readers choose your website over other sites. Compelling content increases time-on-site of a reader. A reader convinced by your content presentation is sure to visit your website again, benefiting the trust factor of your site.