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How to Start a Tech Blog Using Web Stories

A technology blog with Web Stories as its content format can work wonders. Start one.

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For all you geeks and tech enthusiasts, here's a stunning content format to write your blog posts in; it's called Web Stories.
Web Stories are powered by Google's AMP technology. They have the user engagement quotient of social media stories along with the reach and visibility of the web.
They are fast-loading, mobile-focused, visually appealing and user-first.
Web Stories are search engine-friendly. They feature in a dedicated section on the 1st page of Google search results.
Imagine writing your technology blog posts in this beautiful format. They will surely give your content a wider reach, attract more users and engage them better.
How to start your tech blog using Web Stories? Visual Stories gives you a no-code solution to start one.
It will be a PWA (website and mobile app), you will not have to worry about its setup, hosting and maintenance, and it will receive automatic feature updates.
Your tech blog will have Web Stories as its content format. To create Stories, you will be accessing the Visual Story Builder, a WYSIWYG, feature-rich tool that comes with a media library of music and millions of images to beautify your Stories.
You can also upload your own media in your Stories.
Review gadgets, compare their specs, include images, add videos of demos; there is ample scope for creativity with your technical writing.
With authentic content, your blog posts will have a huge possibility to rank higher and thus reach more users.
Get ready to grip readers with your immersive tech stories. Start a technology blog with Web Stories as its content format.

 Manali Oak

Apr 24, 2021
Sincerely Media