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How to Install a Smart Access Control System

This is a step by step guide into installing Fluss for your gate or garage.
Nicholaus FRADE
Identify the make and model of your gate/garage
Order your smart access device
The button is a link that will take you to our website to order your device.
Turn the Power Off
Open the gate/garage motor enclosure
Disconnect Battery
This is only applicable if your specific motor needs you to.
Wire the device to the power of the motor.
Wire the device to the trigger point of the motor.
Reconnect the battery
Do this only if you had to disconnect your battery in the first place otherwise you can ignore this slide.
Turn The Power On
Open the App
Open the app on your mobile phone. If your don't have the app you can download it from the play store or the app store.
Open the gate/garage
On the app, you shall see your gate and garage appear. Then simply press the button and your gate and garage will open and press again to close.
Invite your friends and family
The app makes this simple by an easy step guide to invite your friends and family.