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How to Hook Up a Wireless Router to a Desktop

Here are guidelines on connecting a wireless router to a desktop computer using a wireless PCI card or a Wireless USB adapter.
Thanks to Wi-Fi technology, the world is rapidly unplugging itself from shackles of the wired ethernet world. Most homes and offices are now equipped with a wireless router that provides high speed Internet access.
While all laptop computers come equipped with wireless adapters, desktop computers don't come with a wireless adapter installed by default. So does that mean it's not possible to connect a desktop computer to a wireless router? No, that's certainly not the case. It's perfectly possible for your desktop to go Wi-Fi.

Connecting a Wireless Router With a Desktop Computer

An ISP (Internet Service Provider) grants you Internet access through a modem, that is connected to the Internet generally through a cable line. The wireless router is connected to the modem and provides Internet access to Wi-Fi enabled terminals through a (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) radio link.
Every data packet arriving at the modem is modulated by the router and transmitted over a radio carrier wave to a computer terminal. For any computer to connect with a wireless router, it needs to be installed with a wireless adapter, which can transmit and receive signals over the router's broadcast frequency.
So to connect a desktop computer, a wireless adapter must be installed in it. Then connecting with the wireless router is a straightforward job.

Hooking Up a Wireless Router to a Desktop

Technically, there are three ways in which a wireless router can be connected with a desktop computer. You could either use a wireless USB adapter, a wireless PCI card or directly connect the computer to the router, using an ethernet cable. Let me describe each alternative briefly in the following lines.

Use a Wireless USB Adapter

The simplest way to connect your router with a desktop computer is by using a wireless USB adapter. Buy a wireless 802.11n standard based USB adapter. Switch on your router and plug in the adapter into your computer's USB port. Insert the installation CD provided in your optical drive and install the adapter's driver software.
Now look for available wireless networks on your computer. You should find your router connection listed. Connect with the network, enter the login name and password to connect with your wireless router and enjoy Internet access.

Use a PCI Wireless Card

Another way of connecting with the router is by installing a PCI wireless card. Buy a card that's compatible with your motherboard configuration and install it by opening up your PC (in switched off condition with power cord disconnected), and inserting it into an empty PCI slot.
Install the driver software for the card and you are ready to connect your PC with your router. Just search for network connections and connect with your home network.

Use the Router's High Speed Ethernet Port

If you don't want to go for a wireless connection, you can use the high speed ethernet port of the router to connect with your PC. You will need a high speed ethernet cable to connect with the router port with the ethernet port on your PC. Just click on the network connections to locate the network and connect to gain Internet access.
In this way, through the installation of a PCI wireless card or a wireless USB adapter, you can easily hook up your wireless router to a desktop and enjoy high speed wireless Internet access. Both devices are easily available in any electronics store. You can order them online through Amazon too.
A wireless USB adapter is comparatively quite easy to install compared to a PCI wireless card. It's portable and can be used with multiple computers at a time. Make your choice and install either one of the two devices to enjoy wireless Internet access on your desktop PC!

 Omkar Phatak

Misha Feshchak