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How to Check your Voicemail from Another Phone

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Jul 24, 2020
Are you in a position, where your cell phone battery has been discharged completely, and you want to know who all messaged you? The information given will help you learn to check your voicemail from another phone.
Hello, this is (name). I am sorry I can't receive the phone right now. Leave your name, number, and a short message after the beep. Please do wait till I call you back. Bye.
You may hear the given sentence when you call up someone. It is a service that helps the caller to leave a message to the person he called, when the receiver is absent or busy to attend the call. Later, the receiver listens to these recordings and calls back. It is similar method to the answering machine.
The only difference between voicemail and answering machine is the way the recordings are stored. The latter stores your messages, whereas in the former's case, the messages are stored in the service provider's server. This is a very useful service for cell phone users, who can listen, forward, and save these recordings for future use.
How do you check the important messages if your handset battery is suddenly dead, or you have forgotten to carry it with you? Simple, do it from another cell or landline phone.

Checking your Voicemail from another Phone

Most of the service providers allow the checking of recordings from another phone. All you need to do is to follow certain steps before checking. Dial your cell phone number from a landline; the server will receive the call, and you need to press * on the dialer keys. It will prompt you to enter your secret password, before revealing the message.
The local numbers differ according to various carriers for checking voicemail from another cell phone. The following section will tell you about accessing your recordings via some of the major network carriers.


It is one of the most popular network services provided in the United States. If you are checking your voicemail from another phone, you need to carry out certain steps. Just dial your T-Mobile number, and when you hear a greeting, dial *.
You will be prompted to enter your password, and only then it will grant access to your messages. Your number will not be charged a penny while this procedure is being done. However, the phone that you are calling from may be charged according to the rates applied.

Verizon Wireless

This also requires similar steps. In order to do so, you need to dial-up your Verizon cell phone number from another handset. Then, just when you hear your greeting script, you need to dial #. The minute you hit this key, it will ask you to enter your password, and the correct one will help you to gain access to your recordings.


AT&T also provides its user the ability to access messages from a wireless phone or a landline phone. The method is exactly the same as T-Mobile. The default password for the AT&T phone is your 7-digit wireless number.

Metro PCS

Just dial your number from another cell and listen to the greeting. You can interrupt it by pressing *. Then enter the password, and follow the prompts to manage your voicemail.

US Cellular

It works similarly to the previously mentioned network carriers. All you need to do is dial your number, listen to the recording and press *. Then you need to enter your password, and gain access into your system.
The steps for most of the carriers are same. Just dial (in case of Verizon) and enter your password. Mostly, the last four digits of your cell phone number is the default password. Make sure you immediately change your password, the minute you activate this service. Follow the voicemail etiquette, and make full use of this passive mode of being in touch.