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Do Free eFax Services Exist?

Kundan Pandey Aug 20, 2020
Information about the eFax services and some of the possible services to the process.
Email fax or Internet faxing is the latest buzz in the Internet world. It is an economical and effective method of sending fax documents to various destinations. It has been equally used by small business owners, large corporate entities and now it is becoming popular among laymen.
Owing to simple installation of Internet eFax services, it's easy to start and work with. You can be free from the trouble of phone connections, big fax machines, ink and papers.
You also are not required to return every time to your office to send fax and retrieve any important fax documents. eFax or Internet fax services are going to improve with every passing day and they hold promises for bright future prospects.

Free eFax Services - Myth or Reality?

Firstly, it's beyond doubt that to send a fax from computer, you don't have to be relied upon bulky machines, ink and papers. But is it a reality? Here is the truth revealed.

Only Some Services are Free

With lots of terms and conditions, there are some services that are free. However, the free scheme is only for receiving faxes. You've got to register for this facility for some amount. To be able to send faxes, you've got to upgrade your services by paying the required amount. You can choose any of the several plans provided by the firm.
Visiting their official website will guide you further in the process. Hence, free email to fax services may be very deceptive. Most of the eFax service providers have various conditions. Check them before getting allured to them.

Free Fax Trials

Some eFax services provide their customers with a month trial period. This is a good step to let the customer decide the effectiveness of a plan and then proceed based on his own satisfaction.
Nowadays, it's a very common business technique to allow the users a month's free trial period. A trial period is a good way to judge your service provider. You can use the facilities of your service provider and know if it's worth your money and requirements. So, not all the plans are free.

Other Free Services

No fax to email software comes free. Many Internet service providers help their clients by offering them toll-free numbers. These toll-free numbers are charged free and you'll be able to seek help in case, you face problems in eFax services, after you've registered for their plans.
These toll-free numbers are given depending on the firm you're choosing to avail services of eFax. Some eFax service providers also provide you with free online storage of data (here, your faxes).
Generally, you're given memory space of 15 to 20 MB free to store your faxes online and retrieve whenever necessary. But this feature must be checked with every service provider.
You must know that your fax documents can contain some valuable records, so you won't want them to be left on web. In the recent years, development in fax server software has led to better facilities in security of online faxes. As such there is no best free eFax service.
There is an unexplained magnetic pull in the word 'free'. The moment our eyes read this word written somewhere, we do give it a serious glance, consciously or unconsciously. In the world of marketing and sales, 'free' has been increasingly used as the most potent marketing tool to boost profit margins.
But as we all know, 'free' isn't always really 'free' and the moment you look at the price tag, you realize that the prices have been inflated to nullify the losses. Well, this isn't to say that the entire concept of 'discounts' and 'freebies' is fraud or non-existent!
There are some generous companies (really??) that do give discounts but always keep it as a thumb rule to dig deeper into the word 'free' before you're allured to buy that 'free' product.