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How to Check Email From Another Computer

Pragya T Aug 24, 2020
Wondering, how to check email from another computer? Keep reading to learn the various ways to access email from some other computer.
According to the email access problem you are facing, you will need to opt for the solutions. Generally the 'check email from another computer' problem is faced, when a person will either forget their password or will be forced to use the outlook program.
Here are the different problems faced when accessing your email account, and smarter options to prevent these problems in the future.

How to View Emails from Another Computer

Did You Forget Your Password?

These days there new option of 'remember password' in the Internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you keep 'remember password' option for too long you will get used to the idea of the browser remembering your password for you, and once your reinstall the browser the password will be erased.
One also will often forget the password, or get confused between different email accounts passwords. In case you forgot your password, then go to the email account site whichever you are using like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc., and enter your email id and click on the 'forgot password' option.
There will be an option for retriving the password. Some site might ask you secret question, or send you a new password to an alternate email account. In case you still don't get your new password, then go through the FAQ of the email and try to look for the admin contact email address, and use your other email account to ask the admin for your password.

Don't Have an Outlook Program Installed?

If you are too used to accessing your email using the outlook software program and if you are accessing a machine which has no outlook installed in it, then it can be a problem. In such a case, install outlook to transfer email from one computer to another.
If you are accessing a machine which has another user's email set up, then it is best that you get the outlook program reinstalled and set your email address to access mail using your email id. You can also access your email using the Internet service provider. Just login to their site and enter your email id and password.

Other Smarter Ways to Access Your Email

Here are the other ways to access your email, which will make it easier to access your email account.

Checking Email from Cell Phone

You can access your email from your cell phone, as long as you have balance in your phone, Internet service, and cell phone network. Also, you need to remember your ISP, email id, and password.

Accessing Email from VPN

VPN (virtual private network) is a private network over a public network like the Internet. With VPN you can connect your home and office Internet connection and access your emails.
Using VPN one can access their office email account on the laptops or home computers. To set up VPN on your laptop contact your office admin. This way you can access your email account on your laptop, when you are traveling.
In case nothing works, sign up for a new email account with a good email service provider (like gmail), and remember your password to avoid any future email accessing problems.