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Best Ethernet Cable

Rahul Thadani Aug 23, 2020
One of the most convenient and widely used method for creating Local Area Networks is using an Ethernet cable to make the connection. All types of Ethernet cables work seamlessly.
Ethernet cables are typically used by home users and business users for connecting two or more machines together with a LAN (Local Area Network) connection. The use of Ethernet cables is not restricted to connecting computers together though, as it can also be used for connecting many other compatible devices, as long as a LAN connection is between them.
These cables have been around since 1980, and are recognized by the IEEE 802.3 standard, granted to them.
Another use of Ethernet cables is to connect a video game console like the Sony PlayStation 3 or the Microsoft Xbox 360 to a modem for it to access the Internet. Today, demand for these cables has increased with people using this feature in their homes.

How to Pick the Best Ethernet Cable?

Do not worry about the brand when buying Ethernet cables, since these are simple wires that have been around for decades now, so there are no issues about the quality and the compatibility of these cables. For instance, if you are buying an HDMI cable from the market today, you need to do some research since this technology is still relatively new.
On the other hand, Ethernet cables have been around for so long now that everyone who manufactures them has mastered the process. Hence, there are no special things to look out for. The only thing that you need to check before you buy an Ethernet cable is that it is not damaged, and also that the length meets your requirement.
Cheap Ethernet cables are available in many retail stores today, so buying them off the shelf is not a difficult task at all. Ask the retail seller for an Ethernet cable and he will provide you with the most popular choices available. The prices will vary from region to region, and it will also depend on the length of cable that you choose.

Different Types of Ethernet Cables

The Ethernet cables that are sold in the market can be divided into these categories, CAT-5 cables, CAT-5e cables, CAT-6 cables, CAT-6a cables , CAT-7 and CAT-8 cables. Patch cables and these are different from each other based on the data transfer speeds that they provide.
Each of these fulfill different networking needs and one must know the basic differences between them in order to purchase a top Ethernet cable from the market. Apart from this differentiation, Ethernet cables are also distinguished as UTP cables, Patch cables, Solid cables and Stranded cables.
UTP cables are also known as Unshielded Twisted Pair cables and these Ethernet cables are most commonly used for networking purposes. They typically contain pairs of insulated copper conductors that are twisted together and placed inside a single sheath.
Patch cables and Stranded cables contain a number of small conducting wires that are placed in separate sleeves, and this makes the cable more flexible and allows greater switching and transferring of the cable itself.
Solid cables are mostly used inside walls and floors since they offer more sturdy conductors, and this happens because each gauge is placed inside a separate sleeve of its own. Solid cables are also better equipped for making connections over large distances.
Another basis for this classification is the number of IEEE standards that have been imposed on these cables. The 10BASE-T standard transfers data at the speed of 10 Mbps, the 100BASE-T standard does so at 100 Mbps and the 1000BASE-T standard transfers data to-and-fro at the speed of 1 Gbps.

Top Ethernet Cable Brands

For the best Ethernet cable, you can choose amongst CAT-5e, CAT-6 or CAT-7 cables forXbox 360 or the PS3. The speed of the cable will depend on your needs, and it is always best to pick the fastest one possible for better results.
Remember that the quality of your LAN connection will not depend on the cable, as much as it will depend on the speed of the Internet connection itself, and on the number of devices that are connected to the network.
Some popular Ethernet cable brands are:
  • AudioQuest
  • Belkin
  • Dynex
  • Linksys
  • Lowrance
  • Rocketfish
  • Simrad
  • Zoom
  • Vandesail
  • Mediabridge
  • Jadaol
  • Tera Grand
Ethernet cables sold by any of these brands will work absolutely fine and there is no need for you to look for some specific Ethernet cable type. Just ensure that the speed is good enough for you, the length is sufficient and that the cable is not damaged in any way, and you will be just fine.