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Average Typing Speed

Puja Lalwani Mar 1, 2020
What is the average typing speed? Why must you improve your typing speed? Find out here, along with some tips on improving it.
Possessing a good typing speed is essential, as it is a prerequisite for a variety of jobs. Considering that now almost all work is done on a computer, most of us have developed the ability to type.
However still, there are lots of us who need to look at the keyboard, or can't use all our fingers to type, or have difficulty being accurate with our spellings while typing. If your job doesn't require you to type quickly, all these methods of typing may be acceptable. 
However, if you are in jobs like those of a secretary or perform data entry jobs, then having if not a good, but an average typing speed is absolutely necessary. If you can go beyond it, there is nothing like it.
However, a low typing speed is simply not going to help you perform well. Here, we will take a look at the average typing speed for various jobs, and some ways in which you can improve your typing speed.

What is the Average Typing Speed?

Average typing speed refers to the number of words type in a minute, i.e. words per minute (WPM) with minimal errors and maximum accuracy. So, what is the average WPM? The average speed necessary for those who perform jobs that involve a lot of typing, ranges between 50-70 WPM. Technically, for a secretary the typing speed should definitely be above 45 WPM.
Furthermore,a data entry professional should have a typing speed that ranges between 85-90 WPM. Since a job like data entry depends on how much you can write per day, the quicker you can type the more rewarding will this profession prove to you. Even those who are computer programmers or generally in the field of IT are expected to have a good typing speed.
Lastly, content writers for the web should also have an average typing speed of 50-70 words per minute, with a minimum of 90% accuracy, so that they can write more and get paid more. This case is similar to those of data entry professionals.
Accuracy is extremely essential to determine one's average typing speed. There is absolutely no purpose of having a of 50-70 WPM when you have to go keep going back to check for errors.
You must maintain an accuracy of 85% and above if you want to get your work done quickly and efficiently. The world is moving at a quick pace, and that is just putting it mildly. There is no room for errors or inefficiency, so you must improve your overall typing speed.
There are some people who possess an average typing speed of 75 WPM to 120 WPM. In fact, the Guinness book of world records holds a record of the highest typing speed at 212 WPM. Most of us use a QWERTY keyboard and once you master its use, it is extremely easy to type quickly.

Increasing Your Typing Speed

Increasing your typing speed will eventually help you perform well at your job, and will make it seem like cakewalk if your job depends completely on your typing speed. There are some simple ways in which you can improve your typing speed.
For one, ensure you are comfortable while typing. Your seating position, the height of the keyboard, and the position of the monitor should make you feel comfortable while you are working on a keyboard.
Use an ergonomic keyboard that is especially meant to increase your comfort level while typing. Keep your hands flexible, and light on the keyboard while typing. 
Avoid using the same finger to type multiple letters, and maintain the position of your hands in the middle row of the keyboard. There are several online typing lessons that will help you learn to type faster.
Practicing regularly is the key to improving your average typing speed. If you need good typing skills for your job, then simply keep practicing and improve your speed for efficient performance.