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Animated Cyber Pets

Kashmira Lad Feb 18, 2020
Cute, cuddly, and lovable! Cyber pets are considered to be an alternative to having your very own animal friend. Read on to learn more about animated cyber pets, and all the fun things you can do by adopting them.
The cute brown dog named Brownie came running inside the room and wagged its tail with happiness. Sarah loved to visit this dog everyday. She took him for a walk, played games with him, and even pampered him by purchasing items for him at the local pet store. 
Sometimes, he would look at her with droopy eyes and make her heart melt. She couldn't get enough of her new pet. Finally, when it would be time for school, Sarah would reluctantly say goodbye to Brownie, and log out from her laptop.
Owning a real pet may not always be possible for many. Keeping a lovable dog or a cuddly cat at home is something many would want, but due to space or time constraints, this may not always seem possible. Besides, owning a pet is a major responsibility.
One has to be responsible for the care of the pet, right from grooming to exercise. Animated cyber pets come as a perfect solution to this, and as such, are quickly becoming popular among people of all ages.
The concept of cyber pets was introduced to allow people to cherish the feeling of animal companionship the virtual way. Considering the latest trends of today, where the number of Internet users is on the rise, it is not a surprise to see the increasing popularity of virtual pets.
There are many websites that allow you to adopt an animated cyber pet and even explore many details associated with the same. In the following sections we shall find out what cyber pets are and where can you obtain them.

What are Cyber Pets?

Cyber pets are available online through different websites. They are created using different software, and look and act like real animals. They can be 2 dimensional (2D), and even 3 dimensional (3D) making them seem all the more realistic.
Cyber pets are designed to be interactive, allowing the user to try various things with the pet. For instance, a user can tickle the tummy or even make it run, jump or sit by using the available on-screen options.

Where to Get Animated Cyber Pets?

These cyber pets can be downloaded from one of the many virtual pet download sites, most of which offer free services. Downloaded pets have the advantage that you can play with them offline as well. However, you need to be careful while downloading to avoid any virus or malware infiltration.
These pets can also be adopted on-line from other websites, where you may need to register, and even shell out a small membership fee. After registration, you can choose your cyber pet, decide upon the gender and color and then begin all fun activities with the pet, in the virtual world provided by these websites.
These can include taking it for a walk or also shopping. You can even feed the pet and give it a cutesy name. These pets can range from dogs, cats, pandas, monkeys, turtles, giraffes and even dragons! The kind of features and facilities available usually differs from site to site.
Lastly there are also many websites that offer a free virtual pet adoption service. These sites usually have options where you can interact with your pet, and earn points while doing activities such as buying food or other items. Here, you may have to visit the site regularly to keep the adoption process activated.
However, you must always be careful while visiting such websites, and choose to refer to only authentic and trusted ones to avoid any other virus-related issues.
Pets are considered to be natural stress-busters, and considering the modern, fast-paced lives that most of us live today, virtual pets can be the ideal option over adopting real animals.
Though, whether virtual pets can actually replace real pets is still a debatable topic, there is no denying that these interactive programs can bring us that much needed slice of joy in our rather dour and mundane everyday lives.