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Advantages of Linux

Linux, it is debated by many, appears to come with more benefits than the conventionally popular operating systems. Let's check out the various Linux advantages to determine if this OS is the best bet for your PC/ laptop.
Before jumping to the advantages of Linux, which are manifold, allow me to give a brief introduction to Linux for those who are not well versed with this simple but amazing operating system. Linux is an open source operating system which belongs to the family of UNIX and similar operating systems for computers that use Linux kernel.
Linux can be used for a wide range of tasks and purposes. It can be easily and successfully installed on mobile phones, tablet computers, mainframes, super computers and video games consoles.
The most popular use of Linux is for servers and recently, owing to the latest availability of open source software/operating systems like Ubuntu, Fedore and openSUSE, the desktop use of Linux has increased manifold.
Also, the latest computing entrants such as netbooks and smartphones mostly run on embedded Linux. The Linux kernel was written by Linus Trovalds in 1991. Linux was developed as a part of the GNU Project which was founded by Richard Stallman in 1983.

Linux OS Advantages

Enumerated below are the various pointers of Linux OS which give it an edge over such colossal names in the OS market as Microsoft's Windows! Check 'em out to find out what you're missing if you haven't installed Linux on your system yet!
Wallet Friendly: If you have acquired the GNU General Public license, you needn't worry about your Linux OS stopping abruptly due to expiry of free trial time! The Linux and most of its related software come as part of the GNUGP license package!
Promise of Performance: Linux is completely at ease when it comes to handling stupendously large number of users, making it an excellent choice for networking and workstations!
Also, if you have an old computer with barely any memory or processing power left, which has been sitting neglected at the far end of your garage, Linux would be the better option to get such a senior techi-zen up and working again!
This is, perhaps, one of the biggest advantages of Linux over Windows! Moreover, the Linux OS doesn't slow down even if your hard disk is full! It still runs just fine!
Enhanced Fortification: Linux offers better protection against spyware, adware and viruses than the conventional Windows OS. Looking at the total cost of Linux, the kind of security it offers cannot be matched by Windows.
One of the greatest advantages of Linux being open source seems to lie in the possibility that on the event one Linux virus is released today, due to source code access, hundreds of patches would come up to tackle it which may be released either by general users or distribution maintainers!
Can Windows promise such a solution? Can you get rid of a windows virus without additionally purchasing an anti-virus software?
Flexibility of Use: You can run your Linux OS on heavy-duty server application, general desktop applications as well as embedded systems! You can install specific components that are confined to particular use, saving disk space in the process!
Also, it is easy to restrict the use of any particular computer in a user group by installing selected workstation/ office applications rather than the entire suite. This way, you decide what you need out of your OS, not the other way round!
Multitasking: Yes, I know, even windows can multitask - but not the way Linux does. For instance, your desktop won't get slowed down if you run a printer in the background!
Also, its multitasking abilities makes Linux a wonderful installation option on gaming consoles like the PS3! One of the greatest benefits of Linux on PS3 is that it allows you to play RM, WMV and QuickTime files on your gaming console, which are, otherwise, not detected by the PS3.
Just imagine - now you can watch all your favorite movies on your PS3 itself! Linux also allows you to create and print word documents on your PS3, besides enabling you to browse the web using Mozilla Firefox - to put it shortly, when you install Linux on your PS3, it doubles up as your PC!
Those were the major scoring points of Linux over the conventional and more popular computer operating systems. Besides these, other tempting advantages include easy installation, compatibility with all common file formats and Unix software packages, wide choice of a number of Linux distributions with similar core functionalities, etc.
The biggest advantage, however, remains its being open source, which enables users to modify and customize it to suit individual needs and specific functions.
Its network friendliness and stability translate into Linux's ability to perform network backup tasks as well as ruling out necessity for rebooting periodically! So, what are you waiting for? Get smart, get Linux!