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Advantages of Email Communication

Stephen Rampur Aug 3, 2020
There are many advantages of email communication for businesses as well as in our personal life. Here are some of them.
Email is a technology that includes passing and sending information from one place to another, using a computer and the Internet. It has proven to be beneficial in our personal as well as professional life.
A majority of businesses around the globe use email as the most employed method of rapid and effective office communication. From the time email has been used as a communication tool, businesses have experienced a rapid rise in productivity and reduction in expenses, and found new ways to improve their services.
The advantages of email communication can be seen in large-scale as well as small-scale industries and organizations.
However, the advantages are not limited only to the business world. We also use emails in our day-to-day lives for sending and receiving messages from our friends and family members. Here are some advantages of email communication.

Speedy Information Transfer

Email communication is certainly known for the rapid information transfer it provides. This speed enables businesses to operate at a faster pace and in an efficient manner. In larger companies, proper communication is very difficult to achieve. Email is definitely the correct resolution for this purpose.
Corporates are able to receive accurate information in no time. As a result, they can take well-informed decisions. Emails are generally used to let all company employees know about an occasion, announcement, event, or any such corporate information.

Low Cost

Cost saving is one of the most important advantages of email in a business. The costs involved in maintaining an email system are generally very low.
Small companies may use free online email services without spending on the expenses for incorporating separate email systems. They just need to pay the regular Internet connection charges. As companies mainly use emails, the expenses related to postage and telephones are low.


Email is evidently the most secure method of communication when compared to letters and faxes. If letters or paper documents fall into the wrong hands, they may be misused, which might prove harmful to the business.
If faxes containing confidential information are left unattended on the fax machine, they may also be used in an adverse manner. Emails ensure the security of information, records, and details.

Effective Marketing Tool

This type of communication enables marketing businesses to reach a larger number of customers in a more economical and effective way. It also enables companies to quickly respond to consumer queries, which adds to customer loyalty.
Marketing advertisements can be sent to a specific customer base or prospective clients and consumers, which is known as email marketing. This results in rapid dispersal of product advertisements and marketing, which in turn has a positive effect on sales. It reduces the time between the commencement of the marketing campaign and consumer purchases.

Decreased Managerial Layers

Emails are a good way to approach anyone in an organization. You do not need to go to the manager and confirm if you can contact the top management. You can just send an email to the person you want to contact. A CEO receiving feedback and suggestions from executives would certainly create a possibility of creativity and innovation.
These are some of the many advantages of email communication, which has certainly proven beneficial to the profitability of businesses all over the world.